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Social BookmarkingSocial bookmarking can drive a lot of highly targeted traffic to your website. Sites such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit,  Delicious and Twitter are visited by millions of visitors each month. Getting your post or article ranking highly on these social bookmarking websutes is not difficult as many people think. You need to be able to write good title and descriptions that grab the attention of the visitors.
Social bookmarking can increase the number of backlinks to your website. When your website has more backlinks, it should rank on the search engines better. If your post or article manages to reach the front page of these social bookmarking sites, the link will be even more valuable. This is because posts that are ranked on the front page have a lot of votes and ultimatley, receive a lot of visits. To get on the front page, you need to write catchy title and description. The title and description are the first things that the visitors see when browsing in the social bookmarking site.
Social bookmarking can increase the exposure of your business. By submitting your articles & posts to popular social bookmarking sites, you will be able to generate a large amount of traffic to your site. This will help your businesses gain a lot of exposure, and you should generate a lot of referral traffic. This referral traffic will increase the conversion rate of your site. The higher the amount of referral traffic, the higher the conversion rate will be. When your site has a high conversion rate, you will be able to sell your product easily and this in turn should increase the income you generate from your website.
It is recommended that you do not put URLs in the title as it gives people the impression that your company is unprofessional. It is also recommended that y use a unique title for your entry on the social bookmarking sites, rather than the title of the page, post are article you are linking to. Make sure that you use rich keywords in your social bookmarking posts. By using relevant keywords, your post will rank high & be more relevant on the search engines. Your social bookmark will get indexed in the search engines before the links will get indexed. After the social bookmark is indexed, it will take some time for the search engine to crawl the links on the site.
It is advised that you should only submit to do follow social bookmarking sites. Do follow social bookmarking sites offers links that can be crawled and indexed by the search engines. Many social bookmarking sites have implemented no follow linking to prevent spammers from abusing their sites. It might however be worthwhile to submit to no follow social bookmarking sites if it receives a lot of traffic per month. You can install the NoDofollow Mozilla Firefox Plugin to find out if a link is do follow or no follow. After the plugin is activated, it will highlight the do follow and no follow link in different colors.

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