Privacy Policy

Overview The privacy of users visiting this site is of great importance to SBSEO. We have developed this website with that in mind. Customers have the right to know what type of information is being collected about them and the purpose for the collection of that information. SBSEO is committed to protecting your right to privacy as a user of our website and services. It is our policy to respect the privacy of private communication. We collect information about our users in order to help us continually improve the functionality and facilities we offer on our website and to ensure they can interact with fellow users and use this website to its maximum potential. SBSEO will always adhere to the UK Data Protection Legislation. This Privacy Policy only relates to the SBSEO website and does not extend to your use of the Internet outside of our website. What data do we collect? We will collect personal data as provided to us during the registration process and completion of contact/enquiry/quote request forms, which you agree to supply us as accurately as possible. We do not monitor your use of the Internet but we do use cookie technology to monitor your use of the SBSEO website We do not collect any credit/debit card information or billing information on the SBSEO website relating to any service you might purchase through the SBSEO website. What do we do with your data? Under no circumstances will SBSEO sell or give the information you provide on this website to any 3rd parties. We may use your information to contact you about new or existing offers, deals or services.

On-line facts

Next time you run a Google search, think about the fact that it’s just one of 2 million that Google will receive in that minute. In the same amount of time, Facebook users post 684,478 pieces of content. Crazier still, online shoppers spend an average of $272,070 every minute. That’s over $391 million every day — quite the chunk of change.

SEO Hints and Tips

Packed with the latest SEO tips, techniques and advice, we explain what you need to do in simple, jargon free language. Follow the articles we publish on our blog to discover what you should be doing, and what you shouldn't be doing to help your website achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

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Not sure what to do next to promote your website? We tell you exactly what you need to know and how to do it, something that the big SEO consultants want to charge you thousands for!

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Social media marketing is the new way of marketing your services and products. Popular websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube receive more than five million visitors everyday and are a vital market for attracting new customers.

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Whether you are looking to promote your business, develop your online presence or are looking for a custom designed Website, Content Management System (CMS), Forum, Blog, E-Commerce website or perhaps some assistance with your existing Joomla website, SBSEO can meet your needs