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A really interesting video from Rand Fishkin on the new way of earning links, he draws some new ways of earning links not building links. He draws a side by side comparison between the two approaches

Old Methods of Link Building   New ways of link earning
link exchanges and reciprocal link Cross referenced sites with link to genuine content
e-mail blasts seeking links Social networking and getting to know people on-line
Buying links Earning links by creating the type of content people want to share
Submitting to directories Getting listed on heavily curated list which only take quality sites for a specific domain.
Article marketing or artical directories Guest posting on a site that is picky about the topic and quality of posts that are made.
Links from guest books, blog comments and forums Participating in real communities that are reliant to a topic
Mining competitors back links Looking at what content is linked to on competitors sites and seeing who links to that content. 
Private Website of links farms. Build a network of influences and networkers on a particular topic.

This is quite an interesting list of new perspectives on how to earn Website links rather than direct link building. The challenge is figuring out how to put it into action for a particular site.

Post update the need for a new type of SEO consultant

The original post by Rand Fishkin has provoked some interesting discussion on Goolge Plus. It is clear that the role of SEO consultants is changing, from one of on-page optimisation and external link building to marketing via an on-line channel. This is a significant shift in the role of SEO in the marketing strategy. They need to be much more involved in how a business is represented on the web, how the content is presented and how communities are build around the content presented. This will be a major shift for many of the traditional SEO service providers who have processes aligned to bulk link building, often using off-shore resources for most of the work. Thsi new era for SEO is going to be very interesting for the next few years. 

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