Trends in search engine optimisation

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Trends in search engine optimisation
If you have any kind of online business or website for your products or services, chances are you've heard of Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. SEO is a great way to organically entice web surfers to visit your website or web pages. There are various tactics that you can use to gain visitors with SEO.

Google Plus & AdWords

Google Plus isn't the most popular social media website out there yet, but it certainly is gaining on Facebook and Twitter. Since most people have Google e-mail addresses for their Gmail accounts, it's easy to find new connections. You can share all types of information with your Google Plus contacts, including links to your website.

Google AdWords is another great tool that Google offers everyone, whether you have a Google profile or not. Let's say you're writing a piece about boating in South Florida. You can plug in that term and Google AdWords will give you a list of highly searched keywords and phrases similar to your topic. Then you can use these SEO words in your content to optimise your content with words that you know people are searching for.

Video Content

Believe it or not, text is not the most highly rated content online. Photos and videos get far more attention, which means that if you want a successful web page, make sure to include this type of content. You can use SEO keywords in your video. When you upload a video, you'll have the option to include a description, title and tags, all of which can incorporate SEO.

Guests Posts

When you combine guest posts with SEO, you seriously expand your online reach. By having people write guest posts, you automatically gain their followers as readers of your own website or blog. Whoever is writing a guest post will undoubtedly promote their piece, which means that you effectively target both your regular readers and your guest writer's fan base, too.

Maximize on this exposure by having guest posts written by professional writers who are familiar with SEO. By incorporating keywords and SEO phrases, you can increase your exposure even more.

Traditional PR & Social Media Marketing

Regardless of the major advances in marketing, there's still something to be said for good old fashioned PR tactics. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful advertising techniques that businesses can use. Make sure that the right information is spreading by always focusing on superior customer service. The only talking people should be doing about your business is positive talking.

Social media marketing is standard in today's world and you can use plenty of SEO techniques with online profiles. Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are three of the most popular, interactive social media websites, and all of them area searchable by keywords. The recipe for using these social media platforms to promote your work while using SEO is basically the same from website to website:

1. Upload an image or post a status update that relates to whatever it is you're promoting.

2. Incorporate keywords that are both highly searchable and that relate directly to what it is you're promoting. If you're using Twitter or Instagram, put a hashtag before the keyword. This makes it easier for other users to find your content.

3. Promote the content, whether it's a post, link, photo or video, on your various social media outlets. Cross-promotions are key and this is the best way to reach a broad audience.

Small Business SEO Why is it Important?

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What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and why it matters for small business?

SEO contributes a huge part in the fabric of online-based businesses or e-commerce. Today’s level of competition, regardless of market, business size or level, has been nothing else than fierce. Without SEO, you may be falling behind the rest of the pack and placing your website or webpage into the abyss of search engines.
Before we tackle the services you can get from Small Business SEO, let’s first discuss what the process is. SEO, short for search engine optimization, pertains to the process of placing your website or webpage in higher ranks on search engines in the attempt to gain greater amounts of traffic in an unpaid or natural approach. SEO involves a collection of techniques that will require liberal amount of time and effort for learning and effectively applying. These techniques include keyword searches, link building and further on. For someone who is new to SEO or has limited knowledge of the matter, it may be difficult to manually optimize your website in search engines due to complexities and obstacles along the way. Such projects may require the assistance and expertise of SEO providers like Small Business SEO.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimisation for Small Business?

Small Business SEO, as you might have already figured out by the name, specializes on providing effective and reliable search engine optimization services. The company offers a fundamental and comprehensive level of service for search engine optimization marketing. Rather than going for year long contracts, the company provides a basic range of fixed price schemes alongside affordable and highly competitive price ranges. Whether it’s a simple site optimization service to a complete SEO marketing campaign, nothing does it better than the company. While their broad range of service options are enough to suit any client, SBSEO further widens their service scope by creating and developing personalized packages best suited for your specific needs.

How SBSEO meets the needs of small business?

SBSEO aims mainly to meet the different needs and wants of start-up clients and small businesses. They utilize their considerable levels of knowledge and expertise to provide your business with the online presence it needs and ensure that your site yields optimal levels of traffic and sales, resulting in significant income streams. Regardless if you are looking to market your business, cultivate a professional and recognized online presence or custom design your website or webpage, SBSEO meets your specific requirements and demands and can work with any budget limit or time restriction. Site management, maintenance, execution, SEO, social media optimization and website design are becoming more and more essential as the relative number of clients and enterprises begin to develop their own prominent presence on the web. SBSEO will be explaining the industry of website development and designing as well as search engine optimization in simple and comprehensible manner that even an uncanny e-commerce entrepreneur can understand. SBSEO gives you fundamental advice on what to do to enhance your search engine rankings as well as how to generate fresh and profitable leads from your site that will ultimately lead to revenues.

SBSEO Track Record

SBSEO uses tried and tested techniques and strategies to meet individual client needs and circumstances, leading to a deeper understanding of what the client really desire and aims to achieve. SBSEO has worked with a diverse range of clientele including www.Project and, both of which have claimed top one on their respective keywords and markets. SBSEO delivers innovative and effective search engine optimization training programs and workshops that aim to help you familiarize yourself with all the SEO terms and cultivate practical abilities and the necessary call to action. The program aims either to make you a more informed shopper of SEO services or to assist you in planning your own search engine optimization campaigns and operations. Aside from SEO, the company also provides social media optimization and website design and development, carried out by a large network of experienced and skilled consultants.

Using A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

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A Content Delivery Network or CDN is an important part of a high traffic websites deployment and speed optimisation. The page speed of a website is an importance factor and can directly affect page views, bounce rates, visitor loyalty and probably most importantly, your search engine rankings. Many well know websites such as Mashable, CNN, The New York Times & TechCrunch distribute their content using CDNs.

Importance of SEO to Small Business

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Though the world of small business SEO can seem confusing, there are several very simple ideas that you should consider. When you have a small business, you need every edge you can get to increase the number of customers coming to your door literally or figuratively. With the right keywords and meta tags, your website will come up toward the top of the search engine results page, and more potential customers will find your website.

SEO Experiences of a Small Business Owner

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What works and doesn’t We launched our project management training business Parallel Project Training 2 years ago and despite the economic difficulties we have managed to achieve significant growth in both turnover and profit. Much, although not all, of this has been due to the significant investment of time and effort into search engine optimisation. We could not afford to employ one of the big SEO companies. If you billed all the hours we have spent on DIY SEO at commercial rates it would add up to many tens of thousands of pounds. However after all this effort we now rank near the top of page one for most of our key words like project management courses and project management training.

Goggle Panda 2.2 Impact on Small Business SEO Rankings

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Following Goggle Panda 2.2 update, we have noticed a significant jump in some of the search engine rankings in for the sites we look after. Some pages are up 23 places. We haven’t seen much change in the page one key words but in secondary key words which were previously on pages 3/2 have jumped to page 1/2. Not only have our websites changes but the competitor sites we follow have also shuffled, some up and some down.  Mat Cutts from Goggle said at a Search Marketing Expo in Seattle said Panda is the nickname for changes that Google made to its algorithm that were aimed at improving search results, but have hurt many sites whose rankings have plummeted. Google has already made some changes to Panda and is working on Panda 2.2, said Cutts, who is a software engineer at Google. “Don’t consider it finished,” he said. Google will continue making improvements at least through the end of the year. Our experience shows the continued importance of high quality unique content which adds real value to the users experience, without adverts.

So what is good quality content?

Goggle has published clear guidance on More guidance on building high-quality sites. This requires website owners to consider carefully the content that they publish, especially owners of e-commerce sites. No-longer is copying the manufactures description going to work because they have too much duplicate content. You have to be created by adding reviews and customer assessments of products. Has your site been affected by Panda 2.2, if so please let us know.

On-line facts

Next time you run a Google search, think about the fact that it’s just one of 2 million that Google will receive in that minute. In the same amount of time, Facebook users post 684,478 pieces of content. Crazier still, online shoppers spend an average of $272,070 every minute. That’s over $391 million every day — quite the chunk of change.

SEO Hints and Tips

Packed with the latest SEO tips, techniques and advice, we explain what you need to do in simple, jargon free language. Follow the articles we publish on our blog to discover what you should be doing, and what you shouldn't be doing to help your website achieve higher rankings in the search engines.

SEO Training

Not sure what to do next to promote your website? We tell you exactly what you need to know and how to do it, something that the big SEO consultants want to charge you thousands for!

Social Media Optimisation

Social media marketing is the new way of marketing your services and products. Popular websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube receive more than five million visitors everyday and are a vital market for attracting new customers.

Website Design

Whether you are looking to promote your business, develop your online presence or are looking for a custom designed Website, Content Management System (CMS), Forum, Blog, E-Commerce website or perhaps some assistance with your existing Joomla website, SBSEO can meet your needs