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Google announces over fifty updates to ranking algorithm

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Today Google announced over fifty changes to its search algorithm. Most of these are highly technical, beyond the comprehension of most SEO consultants.  Matt from search engine land says.
Google’s latest round of search quality updates is now available, and — at the risk of sounding like a grumpy old SEO — this month’s seems even more difficult to grasp than normal. There are a lot of words in this month’s list of 50 changes, but it appears to me that there’s not really a lot of explanation

SEO Experiences of a Small Business Owner

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What works and doesn’t We launched our project management training business Parallel Project Training 2 years ago and despite the economic difficulties we have managed to achieve significant growth in both turnover and profit. Much, although not all, of this has been due to the significant investment of time and effort into search engine optimisation. We could not afford to employ one of the big SEO companies. If you billed all the hours we have spent on DIY SEO at commercial rates it would add up to many tens of thousands of pounds. However after all this effort we now rank near the top of page one for most of our key words like project management courses and project management training.

Goggle Panda 2.2 Impact on Small Business SEO Rankings

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Following Goggle Panda 2.2 update, we have noticed a significant jump in some of the search engine rankings in for the sites we look after. Some pages are up 23 places. We haven’t seen much change in the page one key words but in secondary key words which were previously on pages 3/2 have jumped to page 1/2. Not only have our websites changes but the competitor sites we follow have also shuffled, some up and some down.  Mat Cutts from Goggle said at a Search Marketing Expo in Seattle said Panda is the nickname for changes that Google made to its algorithm that were aimed at improving search results, but have hurt many sites whose rankings have plummeted. Google has already made some changes to Panda and is working on Panda 2.2, said Cutts, who is a software engineer at Google. “Don’t consider it finished,” he said. Google will continue making improvements at least through the end of the year. Our experience shows the continued importance of high quality unique content which adds real value to the users experience, without adverts.

So what is good quality content?

Goggle has published clear guidance on More guidance on building high-quality sites. This requires website owners to consider carefully the content that they publish, especially owners of e-commerce sites. No-longer is copying the manufactures description going to work because they have too much duplicate content. You have to be created by adding reviews and customer assessments of products. Has your site been affected by Panda 2.2, if so please let us know.

Five Reasons to invest in Article Marketing

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Five reasons to invert in article marketing for your web site. Article marketing incorporates content material which is key-word rich, popular and simple to locate to pull traffic and visitors into the internet page. There are quite a few benefits associated with using online marketing from the use of article marketing, 5 of which are summarized in more detail in this article.
  1. By using article marketing you are providing several other methods for prospective customers as well as other visitors to get a hold of your blog because you are establishing supplementary links to your blog found on highly trafficked internet websites. The more options you can find for impending website visitors to choose you, the more likely you are to be located.
  2. By means of article marketing, you will be creating inbound links to your blog. This type of back links will be oneway links, which makes them some of the best kind of linking for search engines like google and yahoo to follow. When your search engine rank matters to you, then generating each of these inbound links is the central portion of marketing your website, and article marketing can allow your business to achieve this in no time.
  3. Article marketing permits you to build an identity for yourself. A lot of article submission websites feature biography segments where you can impart information regarding your company as well as your exact topic. By composing helpful articles that people actually want to read, you will be formulating a reputation for yourself as an authority across whatever subject matter you may be authoring.
  4. Article marketing is free, that is definitely one of the better added advantages. You are getting your content on the market, spreading your message concerning your website to the entire world, and yes it does not cost you any money. As a result of putting your content on the web, you are building effectively pertaining to visitor potential, and publishing blog posts to article directory sites should not cost you anything at all but some of your energy when putting your articles together to submit.
  5. Article marketing permits you to make excellent use of key words, since you are talking about an issue which applies to your website. After you generate backlinks and see your name out there in blog posts that are abundant with appropriate key words, it will boost the Website positioning features of your website, and allow you to build a robust connection among the information that you are providing inside the article, along with the attributes of your online site. Buyers usually have one of these eureka instances when they will understand they could visit your web site for much more of the exact same excellent information, and this is an exceptional way for you to draw in absolutely new visitors coming from a highly revered supplier for information.
There are so many other benefits of website marketing through article marketing, however these seriously should jump start your thought processes when it comes to crafting posts to redirect new website visitors to your website. For anyone who is focused on internet marketing, penning articles for syndication on the subject of article marketing is actually an exciting technique for you to go.

Importance of SEO to Small Business

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It’s incredible how technology has grown. Fifty or sixty years ago, the thought of all – or at least a real good chunk – of the people on the planet connected to each other via an invisible web of information would have sounded like something straight out of a pulp-fiction novel, or a bad comic book. The thought that we would walk around with portable telephones that feed us data was an idea reserved for television serials like Star Trek. Nowadays, however, we wouldn’t blink an eye at the concept of such an invisible web – we call it the internet. And that data device that keeps us in constant contact? We call them cell phones, and they’re no longer reserved for Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock; many, many people own one. If this goes to show anything, it’s that it’s really qute hard to imagine what the future will bring, especially in any field related to technology or science. However, while it is next to impossible to make long term future predictions, it is sometimes possible to make short-term predictions based on current knowledge.
One of the newest manifestations of the effects of technology is the burgeoning web hosting industry, along with all the related fields that it involves. Perhaps the fastest-growing of the peripherals is SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. This field combines the complexities of web design and maintenance with the skill in writing that some display. The concept behind the area runs something like this: many websites garner profits by means of “hits”, or times that people click on their site. As with most other methods of making money, people try to increase their chances of financial intake. The form that that intake optimization takes in this instance is the writing of blog posts or articles that contain certain pre-determined keywords or key phrases. These will usually be sprinkled throughout the article at random, and are related to the subject material of the website. The idea behind this is that, as the keywords or phrases are typed into a search engine like Google, the search engine will turn out the desired website as a result, thus garnering more hits. These hits, in turn, generate more income. The demand for this type of service has gone way up, in conjunction with the rapid dependence of many industries on the internet. Though making a future prediction about the continued growth of the industry isn’t terribly likely to be accurate, there are a few facts that can be gleaned out of the present state of businesses. For one thing, the demand for SEO services will likely go up. As mentioned previously, the increasing presence of the internet has changed the face of the business world in a very real way. This change has not just stayed at the top with bigger companies like Apple or Dell or the like. There are a growing number or smaller companies that are starting to make their web presence a good deal larger. And, as previously mentioned, SEO is a terribly good way of increasing ones online footprint, so to speak. Therefore, many of these smaller companies are subcontracting SEO service providers – like, for instance – to do the SEO work for them. After all, the companies need to take time to do their own work, and can’t always be bothered to do the writing themselves. As a corollary to these facts, anyone who owns or sets up a SEO service provider can potentially make a good deal of profit over this recent surge. There are, of course, a good deal of other factors that one needs to take into account when attempting to set up such a company, but the risk/reward function spits out results that are pretty strongly on the reward side. Therefore, though prognostication is usually a futile endeavour, in this case the past can be used as at least a partial indication of the future.

SEO TIP OF THE MONTH: Review your Google Analytics data regularly

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Review your Google Analytics data regularly to see where your visitors are coming from in terms of Entrance Keywords, particularly versus Average Time on Page and Bounce Rate, to look for any opportunities to target new keywords more actively. Also check the site Bounce Rate as this may have an affect on SERPS and also the new In-Page Analytics to see how visitors are using each page.

SEO TIP OF THE MONTH: The Importance of Social Media to Promote Your Site

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The number of links from social media sites is already a factor in search engine rankings so build up your network of friends, family and colleagues on sites such as Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon. Get into the habit of sharing your bookmarks with your network every time you bookmark a new page for your business website and inviting people to bookmark it. This will quickly build up a good number of bookmarks for each page on your website as it grows in a natural way.

On-line facts

Next time you run a Google search, think about the fact that it’s just one of 2 million that Google will receive in that minute. In the same amount of time, Facebook users post 684,478 pieces of content. Crazier still, online shoppers spend an average of $272,070 every minute. That’s over $391 million every day — quite the chunk of change.

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